The Commit: From Start to Finish!

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Getting things right at the start isn't always the end goal. The goal is to finish well and finish strong.

There is amazing power in consistency and commitment. It is the ability to stay focused on one task, seeing it through daily on a regular basis until your set goal is achieved. To be consistent, you have to focus. Void yourself as much as possible from the noise that clouds your vision. Setting your eyes on the price until every last stone is turned.

There is a quote by Naval:

Be impatient with actions, patient with results

We are all conversant with the saying, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step". Well, the journey can never be completed if you refuse to continually take steps. The more steps you take towards your goal the more likely you are to achieving it. Starts with a step continue with more steps and complete with a final step.

Great accomplishments are not a stone throw away. If you want success in any endeavour whatsoever you may choose, be it tech, design, writing, art, music, you must prepare yourself fit for the journey and match towards your starlight.

I know this is looking like one of those "Aspire to Inspire" kind of article and to an extent maybe, "I don't know", it is. The issue isn't actually about "Have probably heard this before somewhere." News flash: Everyone has!

The journey is never easy but is always worth it

So even if it is that mini, side project you keep pushing to the curb saying "Maybe later, not now. Arsenal playing live on TV", you still need to stay focus and finish it. It could be a really difficult task like learning a JavaScript framework for the first time, you still need to focus. The tech space today, just like any other space is filled with a lot of noise (thanks in part to Social Media). Trending topics also fight for our attention and build failures always bang really hard. The journey is never easy but is always worth it.

So set goals now and relentlessly try to achieve them.

With Love,


Aspiring to Achieve the Desire I Require.

Remain Blessed! #LiveInspired #RemainFocused

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